Bay Port Carpet Mills
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Bay Port Carpet Mills History

Founded in 1976, the company started as a single location that supplied carpet, and vinyl flooring to custom home builders. Six months after its formation, the company began to expand by opening franchise locations. Steady growth over the years has resulted in the addition of company-owned locations, partnership locations, and licensed stores. Believing in the value of diversification, product lines have also grown exponentially. From direct oversees importing to contracting exclusive products with domestic manufacturers under its own special brands, the company supplies the needs of a wide variety of consumers, licensed dealers and company owned stores.

Whether you are a residential, commercial or institutional consumer or dealer, here you will find merchandise, supplies and much of the information you need to help you achieve your objectives. You will, furthermore, discover uniform quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction built into every product, service and location. The company has received wide industry recognition for its achievements and sends its company representatives to participate in meetings at all levels, local and national.

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